27thedition  – Réiser Päerdsdeeg

For this year’s edition, the associations Equisport S.A. and Cercle Equestre de Luxembourg are happy to welcome You at the Herschesfeld in Roeser for a CSI** and CSI YH from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2019.

One big feature is that the Luxembourgish National Holiday is on Sunday 23, which means there is a lot to celebrate on Saturday night… Special surprises will come up every day!

As in the past years, we are willing to organize a showjumping competition on a high level in agreement with pleasure and entertainment for both, visitors and athletes. Since 1992, the essence of the Réiser Päerdsdeeg is to create an event from Riders for Riders together with the clubs of the Réiserbann.

At this place, we would like to show our appreciation/ recognition/ gratitude for/ to every HORSE & RIDER / VOLUNTEER, every SPONSOR and the many VISITORS who help accomplish this amazing event every year.

You are all extremely appreciated!




Provisional Time Schedule

06th – 10th of June 2018

Wednesday, 06 June

● 16h00 – 19h00
Vet Check

● From 19h30
Opening Party – free beers for riders, grooms, officials, helpers and sponsors – Restaurants and Bars are open

Thursday, 07 June

● 11h00
Competition No 1, CSI*, 125cm table A, 1000€, Prix Tageblatt

● 14h00
Competition No 2, CSI*, 125cm table A, 2000€, Prix le Quotidien (qualifier GP*)

● 17h30
Competition No 8, CSI***, 145cm table A one jump-off, 24.500€ Jaguar Landrover, Masters, qualifier GP***

● 20h00
Jaguar Landrover Party

Friday, 08 June

● 09h00
Competition No 3, CSI*, 125cm, two phases, 1000€, Prix Othon Schmitt

● 11h30
Competition No 9, CSI***, 140cm table A, 4000€, Prix Cimalux

● 15h00
Competition No 4, CSI*, 135cm, two phases, 2000€ Prix Cloos

● 18h00
Competition No 10, CSI***, 145cm table A, 24.700€, Grand Prix Mako

● 20h00
Mexican Night GONZALEZ HORSE SHOW – The Dancing Horses
Mexican Food and Live Music by « Mariachi sabor a Mexico »

Saturday, 09 June

● 09h00
Competition No 5, CSI*, 125cm accumulator, 1000€, Prix Vereal

● 11h30
Competition No 11, CSI***, 145cm two phases, 4000€, Prix Champagne Laurent-Perrier

● 15h00
Competition No 6, CSI*, 135cm table A one jump off, 2000€, Prix Baloise Assurances

● 17h30
Competition No 12, CSI***, 145cm table C, 10.000€, Grande Chasse by Porsche Luxembourg

● 20h00
spectacles équestres, GONZALEZ HORSE SHOW – The Dancing Horses
presented by Group Losch, concerts on Herchesfeld, Visitors and Riders Party, ride and dance on the field

Sunday, 10 June

● 08h30
Competition No 13, CSI***, 140cm accumulator, 6000€, Prix Loterie Nationale

● 11h00
Competition No 7, CSI*, GP 135cm table A one jump off, 5000€, Grand Prix Banque Internationale

● 14h00
spectacles équestres, GONZALEZ HORSE SHOW – The Dancing Horses
presented by Fare Real Estate

● 15h00
Competition No 14, CSI*** GP, 150 cm two rounds, 50.000€, Grand Prix de Luxembourg Prix
POST, commune de Roeser, (Longines ranking class) qualification for the World Equestrian Games and the European championships

14th – 17th of June 2018

Thursday, 14 June

● 14h00
stables open

● 16h00 – 19h00

● 17h00
Football evening, opening ceremony World Championships, presented in Roeser

Friday, 15 June

● 10h00
Competition No 1, CSI YH, 120/130 cm, Prix l’essentiel

● 11h30
Competition No 4, CSI**115 cm, Prix Equnews

● 14h00
Competition No 6, CSI**, 125 cm Prix Absc

● 16h00
Competition No 7, CSI** 135 cm, Mako Masters GP

● 18h00
Western Riding in Luxemburg

● 19h30
White Dinner  on the Green by Freelander’s

attractive shows , music and party on Herchesfeld

Saturday, 16 June

● 09h00
Competition No 2, CSI YH, 120/130cm, Prix Fare real estate

● 11h00
Competition No 8, CSI**, 130 cm Prix Baloise assurances

● 13h30
Competition No 9 CSI**, 140 cm, Prix Champagne Laurent Perrier

● 16h30
Competition No 5, CSI** , 120 cm, Prix Othon Schmitt

● 20h00
Competition No 11, SIX BARRES, Prix Freelander’s

● 19h00
FLSE Party, presenting 60 years of horses in Luxembourg

whole day presentation of horses in Luxembourg, voltige, toelt, dark angels, mounted games, driving, forest horseback riding, from 11 to 17 h free pony riding for children

Sunday, 17 June

● 08h30
Competition No 3, CSI YH, 120/130cm, Prix Cimalux

● 10h00
Competition No 12, CSI**, 130cm, Prix Loterie Nationale

● 11h30
Competition No 13, CSI**,  Prix Groupe Losch

● 14h30
Jump & Drive by Group Kontz bicycles

● 15h30
Competition No 14, CSI** 145 cm GP de Roeser, Gemeng Réiser, Grand Prix Arnold Kontz Group

● 17h30
Competition No 10 CSI**, 120 cm, Prix Pferdsport journal

whole day presentation of horses in Luxembourg, voltige, toelt, dark angels, mounted games, driving, forest horseback riding, from 11 to 17 h free pony riding for children


Spectacles entre les épreuves

Nombreuses attractions pour les enfants, le village des enfants

Divers stands pour manger et boire

Entrée gratuite pour les deux semaines



Comme chaque année, la qualité de la cuisine et des boissons est d’une grande importance pour nous et on fera de notre mieux pour satisfaire les gouts de chacun.

Les associations du Réiserbann s’occuperont du côté BBQ et des stands de bière luxembourgeoises et internationales : Vous les trouverez juste dernière l’entrée principale à votre gauche.

A l’espace invités, le master Chef Jan Schneidewind et son équipe de « Traiteur Windsor » prennent les rênes pour assurer une expérience exceptionnelle au cours des 8 jours de concours.

Traiteur WindsorTraiteur Windsor

Espace Invités

L’espace invités accueillera ses invités du jeudi au dimanche entre 11 :00 et 18 :00 heures.

Du Lounge avec son Open-Bar et du Restaurant by Windsor Cateringvous pouvez profiter d’une vue spectaculaire sur la piste principale.

Il s’agit d’un service complet ; du sport équestre de haut niveau, une coulisse stupéfiante, des spectacles autour du monde du cheval et des produits et boissons de haute qualité.

250EUR par personne

(pour plus d’information veuillez contacter info@jumping.lu)


Latest News about the Event

    We are very happy to announce that GONZALEZ HORSE SHOW – the Dancing Horses will join us during the first week end at the Réiser Päerdsdeeg 2018!
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